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Garrett asked 1 year ago

Hi I’m new to this and wanting to get started with creating carbon fiber parts as a hobby.  Your site is very informative!  I’m curious, I see what you recommended for tools but was wondering, is there a company you recommend for the carbon fiber itself?  What products would you recommend for the part consumables?  Are there different amounts of layers you would place for different applications?  Thanks!

1 Answers
Ann Mountjoy answered 1 year ago

We purchase materials from many different vendors, but for an individual looking for small amounts I would recommend Fiberglass SupplyComposite Envisions or Soller Composites. They are located in different parts of the US, so you can save shipping picking the one closest to you.  For higher quantity purchasing I would suggest Composites One.
As for layers if you let me know what you are working on or interested in making I can suggest different things.
The beauty of composites is that you can tailor them to fit most any project.