DIY ForumCategory: Infusion LayupsWhat is the best infusion medium?
Ann Staff asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Gabe answered 3 years ago

There are a handful of different flow mediums, although the most common are the “green flow” and “blue flow”.  Green flow is oriented linearly and the blue flow is random.  More important than the infusion mat used is where it is applied.  The best location for the infusion mat is actually within the laminate, but this means it will be part of the final layup.  In some cases this is okay, but more often than not you won’t want it included.  To avoid this, the flow medium must be placed on top of the release cloth.  I recommend using a layer of perf-bag between the peel ply and the flow medium so that it will release more easily.  It is also very important to apply the flow medium over the entire part so that the resin saturates everything