DIY ForumCategory: Mold ConstructionReinforcing Carbon Fiber Fender Flares
Nathan asked 1 year ago

Do I need to have an aluminum base structure inlaid into the back of the carbon fiber to drill into, or will just carbon fiber hold up to tire/ road debris? I can\’t find aftermarket fender flares for most of my cars that either bolt on in the stock area or are universal and the obligatory off road styled flares that wont look half decent. Need to make fender flares for a \’94 Suburban, \’95 Grand Cherokee Laredo, \’96 Dakota, \’97 Aerostar, \’98 Cherokee Sport, and potentially a \’99 FTO. I can go into the history of the discontinued flares I\’ve found, but i think it\’d just be easier to ask what exactly do I need to reinforce the carbon fiber or as a beginner, what do I need to get started? Can I make a direct mold of the fender and go from there? What would be the best way?