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Hamlet asked 2 years ago

First off, great job on the fenders! I have a question regarding a part I built (A dash for my car). I created the plug already using Bondo/foam, but have noticed that it has so really intricate and small curves/edges/tabs. What would be the best way of addressing those parts when it comes to making the final part in carbon fiber from the mold? My fear is that since they are so slim and tiny that the carbon fiber wont form well around it.

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Common Fibers Staff answered 1 year ago

Hey! Sorry for never seeing this message!
Did you make a fiberglass mold off of your plug? If so, did it transfer those features well enough?
The reality is that there is a limit to how fine of a detail can be molded in carbon fiber. We tend to try to do nothing less than a 1/4″ radius as the fibers are hard to bend or form into place. Feel free to pass along any pictures you may have!